Luke comes from the old school way of shaping using his electric planers, hand tools and templates to handcraft each individual board to the highest possible degree of accuracy, though in the past few years he has enlisted the help of the APS profiling machine to help out when the work load gets heavy but also to maintain consistency when shaping highly refined models which have taken years to perfect but the vast majority of custom boards are still hand shaped from start to finish. Only first quality foam is used so that desired weights and strength characteristics are achieved for each model of board for each customer. *Note: profiling machines are only there to reduce the donkey work for the shaper. A reputable, skilled craftsman is still required to finish the blank to the perfect finished board*


All of our boards are glassed on site under temperature controlled conditions. This achieves consistency and produces the clearest, smoothest, hardest, most air free glass job available using Norsodyne resin and hexcel fibreglass fabric. For mals and retro boards a full range of resin tints are available.


All boards are sanded to a wet and dry 400grit finish to give a smooth, silky lustre by Alex Manning. Alex's finishing skills are second to none, right from the perfection of the resin finish to the razor sharp bead edges around the tail of the boards which he painstakingly adds every time. With his background in luxury yachts and with a little help from Luke his finishing truly represents the quality of LY surfboards... not to mention the clarity of his gloss polishing.


Having learned from one of the best in the business, Luke and Alex have an impressive array of tricks up their sleeves to produce highly imaginative graphics for your new board.

Fin system options

We work with FCS, Futures, Lokbox as well as glass in fins to provide you with whatever fin configuration you desire.