2019s’ summer small wave model available in Eps/epoxy and PU/polyester.

The Xenon uses one of my tried and tested small waves rocker curves with a single to sunk double concave through the back foot giving plenty of lift and drive through flat wave sections.

The outline is inspired by my ‘escape pod’ Wakesurf boards which have a snub nose and the main volume of the board in a shorter area for manoeuvrability.

The deck of the board has a standard roll into a standard ‘shortboard’ rail at mid point but then flattens out under the back foot giving the tail end a more aggressive, responsive feel. This flatter deck at the tail creates more lateral volume and to combat this giving a big square blocky rail, there is a slight chine along the deck rail so that the thinner, lower rail is easily engaged for grip, control and drive.

The XenonF2 (foil 2) is also available in bigger sizes including all the above features plus a thicker deck foil throughout the whole board aimed at either the larger or less experienced surfer, or for surfers living in areas with less power in the waves available. Available as thruster or five fin convertible fin set up.


Wave Size: All
Experience: intermediate to expert/pro
Dimensions: From 5' 6 to 6'6