Mahi 2

The next generation twin fin fish following on from our popular Mahimahi original model. A good friend of mine is a true fish enthusiast and a very good surfer, but needed to get that magic fish under his feet. So he came up the factory to get his issues off of his chest and between us we came up with the now very popular Mahi2 (pronounced marheetoo) model. With a classic fish outline It has a deep single to double concave through to a slight vee in the tail, foiled rear rails for grip and control and has most of its volume towards the front half of the board for increased wave catching ability and to help engage the rear rails at speed. A must for everyone’s quiver from intermediate to pro surfers. The Mahi2 is available in standard PU/polyester construction or ‘LY eco sled’ stringered or stringerless Marko foam eps and super-sap epoxy. Be part of the twin fin revolution!


Wave Size: All
Experience: All Surfers
Dimensions: From 5' 6 to 6'6