Dirty Bastard

Small to medium wave quad, the dirty bastard has low entry and exit rockers for increased speed and a full nose template. The plan shape sees a slight kink in the rail line a quarter of the way up from the tail to create a straighter section for increased down the line speed. Double reverse curve cut outs in the tail area make for tight turns in small surf. With a subtle single concave through to a slight pannel vee through the tail the dirty bastard flies through flat sections and breaks sharply into tight turns at speed. The fin set up has twin fin sides and a pair of trailer fins in the back giving huge amounts of drive whilst maintaining responsiveness. (MRTFX + GX for FCS option, LBXT + XM for Lokbox option) order six inches shorter than your standard shortboard, an inch and a half wider and the same thickness for a high performance bastard or your standard retro fish dimensions for a more easy, cruisy ride.


Wave Size: All
Experience: All surfers
Dimensions: From to